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Tiny Techs

Tiny Techs is an interactive game designed specifically for elder grandparents to play alongside their grandchildren. The game aims to impart basic technological skills while fostering intergenerational bonding through shared experiences.

Co-Designer: Ainsley Sedore

Developers: Sami Haddad & Kirill Afanasiev


Tiny Techs is a design-driven platform committed to bridging the generational gap by creating interactive experiences tailored for elder grandparents and their grandchildren. Recognizing the importance of intergenerational connections and the potential of technology to facilitate these relationships, Tiny Techs focuses on designing games that not only entertain but also educate and empower elders in navigating modern technological challenges.

Tiny Techs identified a need to empower elder grandparents with basic technological skills while fostering meaningful connections with their grandchildren or younger friends. The challenge was to create a game that could serve as a learning tool for elders, facilitated by the more tech-savvy younger generation, and promote intergenerational bonding through shared activities.

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